Tianjin Cruise Port to Great Wall

Tianjin Cruise Port to Great Wall by Team Tianjin cruise port:


Tianjin is one of the four municipalities in the People Republic of China. It is also known as jin as its short form, having the fourth-largest urban population in China. The city is famous for its one of the biggest industrial and port city also known as ‘the diamond of the Bohai Gulf’.


Tianjin is one of the interesting spots for tourists. The tourists are attracted by the illustrious historical heritage and many different natural resources. It is a very beautiful place to explore having a lot of beautiful places and natural scenes.


Tianjin covers an area of 11,000 square kilometers It has the population around over 10 million.

Tianjin Cruise Port
Caption: Tianjin Cruise Port
Tianjin Cruise Port
Caption: Tianjin Cruise Port
Tianjin Cruise Port
Caption: Tianjin Cruise Port

Tianjin Cruise Port:

Tianjin is a major port city in northeastern China and Tianjin International Cruise is a first home Cruise port in China. It is located in the north of Dongjiang. Tianjin is the closest seaport to Beijing. It accommodates many International Cruise Ships, for example, Ocean Princess, Oceania Nautica, Costa Classica, Celebrity Millennium, Crystal Symphony, Volendam, Sapphire Princess, and Azamara Quest and Arcadia. Today it is the home port for both “Costa Cruises” and “Caribbean’s’’. The port is a 3 terminal hall offering 3 berths and can accommodate two large cruise ships at the same time serving 4000 passengers.


Tianjin Cruise Port offers lounge service, luggage handling, ticketing, and customer service.

Transport at the Cruise Terminal:

The Transports at the Cruise Terminal are:


Local taxis are present in the designed area for a taxi outside the building.

Private Car:

You can book a private car or if you are in a group, vans are also available for your comfort.

Shuttle Bus:

Shared shuttle buses are also available.

Tianjin Port to Great Wall:

Tianjin Cruise Port to Great Wall
Caption: Tianjin Cruise Port to Great Wall
Tianjin Cruise Port to Great Wall
Caption: Tianjin Cruise Port to Great Wall

Great Wall of China is a specialty of China. Many people from around the world travel to China to visit the Great Wall of China. There are many travel agents and traveling groups which arrange a tour to the Great Wall of China. From Tianjin Port, the distance between the ports to Great Wall took around 3.5 hours. Tianjin is the nearest port to the Great Wall. First, you have to reach Beijing and from there then you can take the train or city bus. You can also book a private car to the Great Wall. A booked tour is more beneficial and better ways to travel. You don’t have to worry about dealing with transfer towards the Wall. Yes, you can book a tour.

Great Wall of China:

The Great Wall of China was constructed by the Chu State in the 7th Century BC. No one will believe it but the Great Wall of China is so long that it will take around 8 months to walk on the whole Wall till the end. Its length is 21.19618 million meters. Most of the Great Wall currently is built in the Ming Dynasty. The main purpose behind it was to protect the Chinese Empire from the Mongolians and other invaders. 400,000 people died in the construction of the Great wall and it is said that their bodies are buried within the wall.

Great Wall of China Tour:

You can go to the Great Wall in many ways. From the Tianjin Cruise Port, there are many taxis available that could take you to the Great Wall. Shuttle bus service is also available. Also, you can book your private car. If you are visiting the Great Wall in tour group from Tianjin Cruise Port You will be picked around 8:00 am and from there you will be driven towards the Great Wall. The tour guides know the English language and it will be easy to communicate. It takes around 3 to 3 and a half hours to reach the Great Wall and there are 2 hours of Hike on the Great Wall.


The restored Great wall is divided into two sections with the pass or the castle in the middle nestled in a valley flanked. The hiking area in the east section is more difficult and challenging than the west section. The west section is also suitable for kids and senior people.

Wild Great Wall:

Wild Great Wall is that area of the Wall that has been not reconstructed and it still in its original condition. Although, it is broken but reveals a lot of history. Wild Great Wall is the most adventurous and interesting area for hikers.

Things to Do on the Great Wall:

There are many cool things you can do if you are visiting the Great Wall.

 -Picnic on the Great Wall:

Select an area that has fewer people, sit down and have a memorable meal. The best time to do this is in Dry days of spring-fall.

-The Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon:

It is a Challenging Route. The marathon was first held in 1999 and is becoming very popular because of its challenging route. One has to be very careful running on this wall.

-Camping on the Wild Great Wall:

If you are an outdoor lover, camping sounds good for you. Camp on the Wild Great Wall. The best time for camping is in autumn when it’s not too cold and you can enjoy the beautiful view.

-Roller Coaster Cart:

Not everyone can hike up and down the Great Wall. If you are not a hiker and still interested in exploring the Great Wall, there are some sections where there are cable cars know as Roller Coaster Cart which you can take you up and down the Wall.


Things to take to Great Wall:

There are some of the important things you should pack when traveling towards the great wall;

– Sports shoes or hiking boots

– Trekking sticks

– Cap

– Sun-glasses

– Sunscreen

– Bottles of water

– Some snacks

– Pocket knife

– Lip balm

-First aid kit.


Remember to use the toilets before entering the Wall. There are no toilets available in the hiking route and Always try to carry a toilet paper with you.

After the tour ends, you will be transferred to your hotel in Beijing or the Tianjin Port.